Wooden architecture

Zürich and Basel are forerunners when it comes to building using wood and CLT


There is a long tradition of building with wood in Switzerland. Over the past 30-40 years, modernist-inspired architects such as Peter Zumthor have led the way in bringing about a revival of wood as a building material, and many other Swiss star architects have followed, for example Herzog & de Meuron and Fitcher & Salzmann Architecten. 
A study tour of wooden architecture in Switzerland offers an insight into many different types of wooden buildings, from Peter Zumthor’s iconic projects to solutions for how to use robot technology to build a large timber roof structure. In Switzerland, you will see and learn about world class wooden architecture, including high-rise timber buildings and large-scale structures. This tour is ideal for engineers, building designers, DGNB consultants and architects. 
Highlights from the program: 
  • Visit to a CLT factory (cross-laminated timber) and carpentry college: insights into the latest construction techniques using timber and the potential of prefabricated timber
  • See examples of wooden architecture, including schools, a university law faculty, an annex to a monastery, restaurant and lido – and meet the professionals behind the projects (architects, engineers and so on)
  • Large warehouse, constructed in just one week; presentation from the design studio and engineers
  • Peter Zumthor’s wooden buildings, mainly from the 1980s.
Number of days: 3-4 days
We develop visiting programs about CLT/wooden architecture to Växjö in Sweden and Helsinki as well.
Contact us if you would like to see a presentation and get an offer.
You can also experience new wooden architecture in Helsinki, Stockholm and Amsterdam, from housing estates to libraries and a sauna. Moreover, we can arrange visits to timber manufacturers. 
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