Intense construction activities - and increased recreational space

The former working-class neighborhoods of Shoreditch and Spitalfields are being transformed into fashionable and hip areas. Former railway areas around Kings Cross are being expanded and transformed into culture, housing and business and retail purpose. 

a local architect will accompany you and introduce you to fantastic projects by:

Levitt Bernstein, Peter Barber, BIG, Caruso St. John, Duke & De Meuron, Townshend Landscape Arch. m.fl.


  • Visit to a new Design District in Greenwich, several renowned architects are working to create a creative hub in order to bringing together artists, startups and entrepreneurs.


  • The Morden Wharf is to be converted into a mixed use construction, masterplan by OMA.1500 new homes are to be built, of which 35% must be 'affordable housing. In addition there will be playgrounds, kindergartens, allotment gardens, cycle paths, etc.

  • Camden: New 'Highline', a recreational area in a former railway area. Camden Highline will connect the Kings Cross area with Camden.

Number of days: 2-3 days.

Contact us if you are considering a study program to London. 

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