RCR Architects

Girona - Barcelona

Architecture that communicates with nature 


Get to see a handful of Pritzker winner RCR’s projects at close range, from a kindergarten to a park project – projects, we promise you’ll never forget. RCR is a small Spanish architectural studio with strong roots to the mountains and Olot, the founders’ home town. Integrity is key and there are no compromises. The materials should speak their own language: walls and ceilings should be in close contact with the sky, trees and the earth we walk on. 

It’s natural to combine the trip with a day in Barcelona, which is just 1½ hour's drive away. 

Architectural innovation has transformed Barcelona from an industrial city to a modern frontrunner for urban planning: former roads have been transformed into creative urban spaces with room for people. The city has also been equipped with Smart City solutions such as intelligent waste bins and regulated lighting.


Program highlights:


  • Girona and Olot: an in-depth look at RCR’s projects

  • Urban development and city planning: presentation from Barcelona City Council's technical and environmental administration

  • A bike tour along the waterfront, including a visit to a new mixed-use urban area that was started during the 1992 Olympics with a university, IT companies and residential blocks

  • Antonío Gaudi’s unknown projects

  • Transformation project by a Venice Biennale participant: an old trade union building that has been converted into a cultural centre​; presentation from the design studio

  • Shopping centre as a social lever in a socially disadvantaged area; guided tour from a Spanish architectural studio

  • Renovation of FC Barcelona's stadium Camp Nou.


Number of days: 3-4 days
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