Focus on Renovation projects 2020

Half-day tour: Monday, June 22, noon. 13.00 - 17.00


Valby Maskinfabrik: The assembly hall

The assembly hall is a former industrial hall, located on an old industrial area in Valby, which has now been converted into the living district, Valby Maskinfabrik. C. F. Møller has been responsible for the transformation of the Montagehallen, where the original industrial expression has been preserved, while modern interiors and housing have been created as well as an event and community building.


Betty 1, Frederiksberg

Public housing, the 1970 building was contaminated with PCBs and heavy metals, with worn facades and installations and out-of-date housing that did not meet today's requirements. Buildings have been completely renovated and rebuilt into 75 housing units for disabled and youth housing.


Christianshavns School

Christianshavns Skole has undergone a stage breakdown, renovation and expansion. The school originally consisted of 4 buildings - two of which are worthy of preservation and one preserved. A new building has been added and the school's gymnasium has been given a new superstructure and infill. A complex task in relation to space utilization and the involvement of several stakeholders.


Price: DK 2,200 ex VAT per person.


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