Our Houses: new housing made of recycled materials and classic modernist architecture

Denmark Classic: Houses by the forest and the beach

Place:North of Copenhagen

Utzon's private house in Hellebæk, 1952

Townhouses in Hellebæk, Einar Nielsen, 1948

Rowhouses 'Skolestien' by Møllen Architects,1975

Ørskovis pPlace:rivate house in Ålsgårde, Architect Jørgen Møller, 1980

Ole Palsby's House by Ole Palsby, 1985

Urban Village project, 'Kronborg Strandby', Arkitema Architects, 2019

New ways of living: Wood, recycling and new construction methods
Place:Odense and Aarhus

Odense city: Urban development in the center: such as new light rail (2020), 

The biological house, built by waste materials from agriculture farms. 

AArhus: apartment complex, made by the famous Danish architect Bjarke Ingelse, BIG. Outdoor areas in collaboration with Gehl Architects.

House for multipel generations, SPACE and ERIK Architects, landscape: Kragh & Berglund

Affordable housing, First major CLTmade housing complex in Denmark. 'Lisbjerg Bakke'

Awardvinning former agriculture farm transformed into a moderne student village, Architects: Lenschow & Pihlmann

Social Housing: Sustanable renovation and masterplanning,

Place: North of Copenhagen


  • Tibberupparken and Skoleparken. Two social housing complexes (about apartments, each a comprehensive renovation have been made: new windows and facade. Complete energy renovation and apartments for disabled etc.  Renovations and new housing typologies; Housing company North Zealand and Ramboll, 2019


  • How to plan more biodiversity in outdoor spaces: transformation of outdoor spaces in public housing. Visit in a social housing community to learn about how to enhance more biodiversity in outdoor spaces.


  • How to eliminate the 'block' masterplans of the 60'ties and design new housing in order to create more density: by adding new housing, by creating proximity to transport and by engaging outdoor space

Houses with used windows and floorboards that would otherwise be thrown away 


Reusing materials is a new and important element in climate-conscious construction. In Copenhagen, you can visit a terraced housing block constructed from reused materials, including wooden floorboards reclaimed from a flooring manufacturer's waste products. The windows come from a demolished housing association block in Jutland. You’ll meet the architectural studio responsible for setting up a department for the procurement of building waste – to be transformed into new elements.


Many of the recent public sector buildings in Copenhagen are also sustainable, from universities to schools and hospitals, so that indoor climate, acoustics and user comfort are all at a high level. Most of them are also financially sustainable, because the buildings are built to last.

Contact us, if you would like to know more about the programs. Also, feel free to contact us, if you want us to help you design your own tour.

Prefab housing, affordable
Prefab housing, affordable

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Social housing, Hillerød, Rambøll
Social housing, Hillerød, Rambøll

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Youth housing
Youth housing

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Prefab housing, affordable
Prefab housing, affordable

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