Sweden moves climate action up the agendap

Sweden's Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has pledged that Sweden will be Europe’s most sustainable country. Greta Thunberg meanwhile is probably the person who has attracted the most PR value globally to Sweden in terms in placing climate action on the political agenda. In Stockholm you can also see how authorities and stakeholders in the construction industry have worked in a similar direction for the last 10-12 years. A genuine housing boom has taken place in at least eight urban areas around the centre, with 6-8,000 people relocating to these districts each month. 


For architectural studios, developers and housing associations, Stockholm offers the opportunity to study many different types of residential buildings and outdoor areas, research and laboratories, commercial property (e.g. the new SEB Bank headquarters, Sweden's largest office building), new infrastructure – and architecture by Swedish design studios as well as international names. for example OMA and BIG. The vast majority of projects have scored maximum ratings for DGNB/BREEM.


For municipalities, Stockholm is an important city to learn from, as city planners here already have lots of experience in how to develop climate-friendly residential and commercial areas, from waste systems to transport and supplying energy to housing estates. The Swedes also know a lot about green mobility: half of all Swedish buses were already running on biofuel in 2010 (ethanol buses).

Examples of what you can see and learn about in Stockholm:


·       Urban development and residential building in the new areas, including Norra Djurgårdsstaden, an environmentally-friendly urban district with world-class credentials

·       Climate-friendly building: residential buildings manufactured from wood (including high-rise)

·       Flood protection and city planning: transformation of sluices from busy traffic hubs to recreational urban spaces

·       Infrastructure and mobility: Stockholm Central Station

·       Hammerby Sjöstad, from green roofs to rainwater harvesting

·       Urban spaces: skater park and walking tour through a 231-metre pedestrian tunnel

·       Residential building projects by international star architects such as BIG and OMA

·       Presentation from a visionary property developer responsible for investing in some of Stockholm’s biggest new international architectural projects

·       Guided tours from leading Swedish architectural studios, for example Windgårdhs and VERA arkitekter


Number of days: 2-3 days 

Note: We also arrange trips to Stockholm by train, for example on the night train.


Stockholm can also be combined with 2 days in Helsinki, for example.

You sail from Stockholm in the evening and arrive in Helsinki early on the following morning.


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