Superkilen, Nørrebro


A city for people


Thousands of people who cycle through the city. Young as well as old, who bathe in the clean water in the harbour. Countless outdoor spaces and green areas, where you can play table tennis, go for a walk – or simply watch the world go by.  


Life between buildings, to coin the words of Jan Gehl, is about developing a city so people enjoy using its common areas: sitting on benches, cycling on bike paths, walking down footpaths and streets, spending time in the open squares: it's an art form that's also sustainable, for example when people would rather cycle than take the car. 


Over the past 15 years, the City of Copenhagen has prioritised and invested in: 


  • Recreational urban spaces along the harbour, from residential areas to harbour baths

  • A functioning, quality detail plan: pavements, lighting, steps, signage

  • Bridges in the inner harbour for cyclists and pedestrians 

  • Recreational outdoor spaces in socially disadvantaged environments – as well as more resourceful areas

  • Common spaces, from streets with playgrounds and communal eating to community gardens

  • A city where children can walk to and from school alone safely


A study tour looking at Copenhagen's world-famous liveability offers the chance to: 


  • See and experience different types of urban spaces, including from a bike 

  • Hear presentations from the City of Copenhagen on its future strategies for liveability – looking ahead to 2030

  • Meet the professionals behind these strategies. You can hear presentations from city planners, landscape architects etc. on the importance of the many details that go into creating outdoor spaces that people want to be in. 


Contact us to hear more – and to get an offer.

We also arrange cycle tours of urban planning examples in Copenhagen as part of a 1-day program. 

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