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Houses with used windows and floorboards that would otherwise be thrown away 


Reusing materials is a new and important element in climate-conscious construction. In Copenhagen, you can visit a terraced housing block constructed from reused materials, including wooden floorboards reclaimed from a flooring manufacturer's waste products. The windows come from a demolished housing association block in Jutland. You’ll meet the architectural studio responsible for setting up a department for the procurement of building waste – to be transformed into new elements.


Many of the recent public sector buildings in Copenhagen are also sustainable, from universities to schools and hospitals, so that indoor climate, acoustics and user comfort are all at a high level. Most of them are also financially sustainable, because the buildings are built to last.


Copenhagen is a role model in terms of mobility: everyone cycles 


Almost everyone owns a bicycle, and most children in the city learn to cycle or walk on their own to school from the age of 6 or 7. Copenhagen's new Metro has just opened (2019) with 17 new stations – the most comprehensive building project in Copenhagen in 400 years. 


  • Circular economy: visit houses constructed from reused materials – and meet the architectural studio responsible for them

  • Housing for young people, e.g. housing for young people and refugees (rented) as an integration project. 

  • Presentation on the UN17 Village, the first building project in the world to translate the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals into tangible action. Presentation from the architect studio responsible.

  • Optimal land use and pure energy: the power plant with a ski slope on its roof

  • From kindergartens to elementary schools and universities: experience a healthy indoor climate, high quality materials and optimal acoustics – plus bicycle parking, innovative land use and a short distance to public transport

  • Bike ride around Copenhagen's inner harbour along the many bridges and cycle paths – and out into the new areas of Sydhavn and Nordhavn

  • Sustainable energy supplies, including green roofs and ski sports

  • Copenhagen's Metro, from function to a living design that matches the local neighbourhoods; meet the architectural studio responsible

Number of days: 2-3 days


Contact us to see a presentation and get an offer for a program showcasing the best examples of sustainable new architecture, user-friendly infrastructure and carefully considered city planning in Copenhagen.

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