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København – Nordhavn, Sydhavn og Ørestad 

Residential areas that promote the urge to sail, bike or take a walk


Nordhavn: from industrial area to Copenhagen’s most attractive (and expensive) neighbourhood


Around 2,500 people live in Nordhavn. The plan is to make a complete new town within the city with around 20,000 residents. You will experience an infrastructure, schools, workplaces, retail space and residential properties – at a maximum height of five storeys – all with a focus on sustainability. Furthermore, the detail plan and handling of the public space is extremely successful. There is life between the houses here. 


For example, you can:


  • Take a guided tour with the architectural studio responsible for the urban planning and detail plan for Nordhavn

  • Visit a project, which is on its way to becoming the first DGNB gold-certified building in Denmark in flexible building design (using materials that can be taken apart and reused, for example).  

  • Hear about the master plan and the detail plan, as well as the vision behind one of the city’s most popular recreational outdoor spaces: the waterfront and harbour baths.

  • Gain an insight into transformation architecture: how older warehouse buildings are integrated into terraced houses, for example, or silos transformed into residential, commercial and restaurant units. 


Number of days: ½ day


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Experience Sydhavn and Teglholmen by bike (3 hours) 


Sluseholmen was the first section of Copenhagen Harbour to undergo urban development, which began around 2000. The neighbourhood consists of eight islands and canals are the guiding principle here. Residents have a view of either the harbour or the canals. 

The houses are linked together but their façades are very different, as 25 different architectural studios have contributed to the neighbourhood. 


  • The vision for Sluseholmen – based on the ‘Dutch model’

  • The value of maintaining the old, red boathouses

  • Harbour baths – and a new school, which also houses a public dental practice with access for local residents

  • Visit Teglholmen, a roughly 60,000 m2 area with 80,000 square metres of new buildings, primarily residential – in addition to 7,000 square metres of new harbour bridges. You can cycle across the bridges from Sluseholmen – to Teglholmen – with great views of the green spaces on Amager. 


Number of days: ½ - 1 day.

Contact us if you would like to hear more. 

Ørestad South: The world’s most sustainable residential building project: UN Village 17

The residential building project UN Village 17 will be located at the tip (‘Spidsen’) of Ørestad. 

The building is expected to be completed in 2023, with the team responsible made up of Lendager Group and Aarstiderne Arkitekter. In total 380 homes will be built, based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. For example, the building project will preserve the local biodiversity of the natural area, be built in reclaimed materials and ensure social inclusion.  


You'll learn about: 


  • Sustainable housing: visit existing projects designed by the architect studio, constructed from reclaimed materials –and hear a presentation by the studio on how they reuse floors, windows and tiles, for example.

  • Sports on the school curriculum: guided tour of Denmark's first state elementary school to focus on sport, health and movement.

  • On a human scale: low-rise housing and outdoor spaces 

  • Public sector building: a nursing home with a café, open to the public on the ground floor – with furniture from the 1970s.


Some 15,500 people currently live in the Ørestad region. Ørestad is a study in how to create a mixed neighbourhood: commercial buildings shoot upwards alongside residential apartment complexes and terraced housing. Here, rental and privately owned apartments, housing cooperative blocks and social housing exist in the same neighbourhood. Leading cultural institutions such as the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR, and the DR Koncerthuset are also located in Ørestad.


Number of days: ½-1 day.

Contact us if you would like to know more. 


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Sustainable housing Orestaden
Sustainable housing Orestaden

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Orestaden, Copenhagen
Orestaden, Copenhagen

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