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ArkiTours offers two types of programmed visits on school buildings in Denmark:

Hear about experiences from the best new state elementary and lower secondary school buildings and universities in the Copenhagen region.You will also have the chance to come inside and see classrooms, technical rooms etc. – with a guided tour from the architectural studio and the principal from the school/university.  
Program: 1-2 days
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How do you renovate older schools such as those from the 1970s efficiently and economically?
See examples of award-winning renovated school buildings in the Copenhagen region and gain insight into:
  • Post Corona: How to organise indoor and outdoor areas in a more flexible way.
  • How to incorporate outdoor areas as learning spaces.
  • How to create an energy-efficient indoor climate with improved lighting and heating conditions 
  • How to alter standard plans for classrooms and common areas and address the need for more common areas to facilitate movement and exercise throughout the school day, for example – and with room for differentiated instruction.
  • The budget behind the design. You’ll also receive a fact sheet with the key financial figures for the projects we visit.
  • Experiences of the schools’ principals: which solutions work well? And to what extent have school governors and management been involved in the renovation program? What constitutes a positive collaboration?
We offer visitor programs on effective and financially viable school renovations across all of Denmark, e.g. for technical administrations, finance committees and children and youth administrations in municipalities. 

Are you interested in learning more? Get in touch with us and tell us whether you're involved in renovating schools – or in building new ones.

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ArkiTours designs architecture- and design visiting programs in Denmark and abroad for professionals within the construction industry and for municipalities. Our customers are architect offices, engineering companies, municipalities and housing associations.

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