Senior living communities

The elderly thrive more with friends and acquaintances close to them

Senior living communities are a focus area for many municipalities. Studies show that we live longer, are less sick and are more satisfied with our lives when we spend them together with others. Naturally, this applies equally to people who are 55 and 82. Many Danish architectural studios are now reconsidering their approach to housing to include informal meeting places both inside and out – as well as ensuring residents feel safe. For example, we are in contact with some of the skilled Danish studios that you’ll meet on guided tours of the senior living communities. 


The study tour is especially well-suited to housing associations, municipalities, developers, engineers and others working towards establishing a new senior living community. Contact us to hear more.


Highlights from the program: 


  • Insight into user surveys and data regarding Danish people’s needs and wishes for senior housing from studios that specialise in senior living communities. 

  • Visit to some of the most forward-looking senior living communities in the Copenhagen region, on Funen and in Jutland

  • Presentation from the project managers of senior living communities

  • How does a good senior living community work? Guided tour of some of the most well-functioning senior living communities, where the management talk about the day-to-day running, cooperation, shared activities and the process involved in establishing a senior living community. 

  • Meeting with the municipality's technical administration regarding requirements for 25% to be social housing, if any. 


Duration: 2 - 2½ days


Are you interested in learning more? Then get in touch and tell us a little about what your project is about. We can then adjust the program to match your needs. 

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