LAR - local rainwater admission

The need to adapt our cities and natural areas to more rainfall


You can choose from the following study tours on LAR (local rainwater admission) and climate adaptation in Denmark.


  • Climate adaptation paves the way to new and attractive natural areas: What works, when rivers, fjords and drains flood? We look at a partnership with local residents, social housing associations, supply companies and charitable foundations to adapt large and varied areas. The project has received Realdania’s Climate Award. 

  • Climate adaptation in coastal towns, such as: Lemvig: a waterfront that people feel like visiting – and staying.The Climate Harbour in Middelfart: visit the different areas, from the harbour and inner city to suburban neighbourhoods of single family homes, and hear about the specific initiatives. 

  • Køge Coast: Long-term urban planning (20 years) of the three low-lying harbour areas into sustainable urban districts.

  • The best examples of LAR in Copenhagen: see the projects and meet the engineers and other experts responsible for them


Duration: 1-2 days.

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Read about the best international examples – with presentations from Hamburg and Rotterdam municipalities


HafenCity in Hamburg is also a fantastic example of a comprehensive harbour development project that focuses on rainwater management. The City of Hamburg has opted for a tailored solution: this includes reserving the first floor of all buildings facing the waterfront for retail businesses and similar, with flood gates that are closed manually in the event of storm surges and high water. 


The buildings behind the promenade meanwhile are raised 8-9 metres above sea level – as are most of the streets; see also Hamburg.


The Municipality of Rotterdam's climate strategy (in regard to rainwater) is known throughout the world. Since 2013, urban areas have been adapted to combine several climate adaptation functions. The aim is to promote the opportunities created by climate change, i.e. to improve the city’s residents’ quality of life with more recreational areas, increase local biodiversity and create more jobs; see also Rotterdam.


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