Aarhus & Aalborg

Central Aarhus: the leading Danish architect studios design the country’s most expensive housing 


Take an ArkiTours study tour and learn more about: 


  • The strategic urban plan for the area (according to the municipality’s planning department).​

  • You’ll visit the different housing complexes that make up the top 3 most expensive houses in Denmark, including the architect studio BIG’s latest take on attractive housing – and its approach to using 20 boathouses to invite the business sector, a church and other organisations into a residential area.

  • The ideas behind the urban space at Basin 7 designed by Gehl Architects

  • The area around DOKK1: citizen service centre and library, designed by SHL. Can be combined with a visit to the architectural studio. ​

  • The most recent area – the Sydhavnen neighbourhood: a mixed-use district, including an old slaughterhouse, a number of different businesses and a creative business centre, with some placed in listed buildings, others in brand new ones. Residential accommodation and shelters for socially vulnerable citizens. 


Duration: 1-1½ days


Contact us so we can help you with a program that gets you behind the scenes so you can hear from the professionals and experts behind the initiatives, from developers to city planners and architects.




Aalborg: City for young people in education – and for culture


With youth housing, cultural institutions, piers, boardwalks and recreational areas, Aalborg’s waterfront is Denmark’s new district for studying and young people.

Our study tour to Aalborg gives you an insight into: 


  • The city’s vision of transforming its industrial port into a meeting place for young people (presentation by the municipality) – and for culture

  • Visit the city’s concert house, Musikkens Hus 

  • Walk along the waterfront to learn about what makes a successful outdoor space, from gardens to harbour.

  • Visit to an educational institution

  • Visit a historically, newly renovated and rebuilt meeting point for water sports and beach life on the outskirts of the city

  • The Kunsten Museum of Modern Art, the only building in Denmark to be designed by the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto.  


Duration: 1 -1½ days


Contact us, if you'd like to see a presentation and get an offer.  

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