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Hello. Are you from the building industry? Wellcome to ArkiTours. We develop international and Danish study programs - on site - about sustainable architecture and livable city development.

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Several new senior communities appear in Denmark. How to get a senior housing project up and running? And what do apartments and common areas look like in some of Denmark's newest senior housing communities?

Växjö, Sweden

Learn about building climate friendly - in wood. CLT (cross laminated timber) makes it possible to build large and tall in wood. Go to Switzerland and learn about how CLT is used both for school buildings and for example for a huge warehouse, built in just one week.


How can you promote a bicycle culture in your city? Learn about the unique Danish bicycling strategies and our sustainable way of thinking. You will also visit some of our brand new Metro stations. Copenhagen is the most sustainable city, when it comes to infrastructure and transportation. 

Växjö, Sweden

In the southern part of Sweden the city Växjö is a frontrunner when it comes to sutainability: Fifty percent of alle new buildings must be build in wood/CLT. Meet the developers and engineers behind, visit large wooden highrises and join us visiting wood production plants.

Oodi Central Library, Helsinki, 2019
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ArkiTours develop International architecture and design visiting programs for professionels within the construction industry- and for municipalities. Our customers are architect offices, Engineering companies, municipalities and social associations.

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